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Payment process
Payment process

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At URentMe we know that trust and security of your money is of paramount importance.That's why we developed our unique secure payment system to keep the transaction safe. When the renter informs us that the rental vehicle has been picked up by a click of a button the agreed rent is then electronically transferred without delay to the owners account.

Through this system the owner is assured that the full rental payment is being held by us pending collection of his/her vehicle, while the renter knows that the payment is made to the owner only upon acceptance of the vehicle.

The owner is also assured that the rent is been fully paid and held by URentMe prior to his/her vehicle being picked up, and the renter knows that he has the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and that it matches the advertised description before his payment is made.


The security deposit will be held on the Renter's credit card to cover any incidental damage, fuel costs, lost or missing items. This hold will be released within 48 hours after the rental period ends or prior to owner being paid if no claim has been filed. Should a claim be filed by the owner, the security deposit will be held until the claim is resolved.

You will be charged a Rental Commission Fee for our expenses, the technology, qualifying renters, processing of payments, support, and for your commercial aggregate liability coverage. Commission Fee Rate:

  • Individual Owners commission fee is 25%.
  • Rental Companies or Dealers commission fee is 20% (negotiable based on amount of listings placed)
  • The commission fee will be deducted prior to your payment for the rental transaction and based on the rental fee set when "Adding Your Listing". If you discounted a rental the commission fee is deducted after renter's insurance costs.


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