You may have Questions concerning Insurance
and we are here to put your Mind at Ease!


Dont Worry You're Covered

Insurance is provided to Owners and Renters underwritten by one of the biggest "A" Rated Nationwide carriers.


Renters Get Comprehensive Coverage on Every Rental

URentMe vets renters with document ID and facial biometrics verification - that way you know that the person sitting behind the wheel of your equipment is who they really say they are. And don’t worry renters, we use only the most secure platform for payment processing.
Renters and additional qualified operators on our exclusive insurance policy receive liability coverage per accident of bodily injury liability coverage, property damage, and collision / physical damage coverage for the owners Vehicle, Vessel or RV, and Trailer. All Rental Equipment is also covered during transport. If you have your own personal insurance policy covering you and/or the equipment, that policy will not provide coverage for you and/or the equipment while renting through URentMe. The coverage provided in the URentMe general liability, physical damage and medical coverage, for both the owner and renter, is substantially different from the insurance coverage typically provided in a general personal insurance policy. Every renter will be required to digitally sign at the time of booking the URentMe comprehensive insurance policy, and that you acknowledge to the the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of that policy before entering into a transaction either as an owner or a renter.

Terms of the Insurance Policy

Both Owner and Renter agree to and acknowledge that by posting a listing or reserving a rental you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Terms of the Insurance Policy.

Modifications to this Policy

Please note that URentMe may at any time amend or change this policy by providing notice to you through the Service or the Site, under URentMe's discretion.


Other factors that further protect
both Owners and Renters


  • URentMe’s minimum age for a registered renter is 21 years.
  • All registered renters have completed profile information and have been fully verified
  • A fully refundable security deposit is taken from the renter as a safeguard to protect the vehicle rented, as the terms of the vehicle insurance all include a deductible.
  • The Owner must upload pictures at the time of pickup to your account, and notate if necessary the condition of all items and accessories, mileage, etc. When the rented item is returned, its condition is checked against the pictures and if any discrepancy is found then the damage would be deducted from the security deposit.
  • If the rented vehicle is an RV or Trailer of any kind, we do offer Premium 24/7 Roadside Assistance, for $15 a day.


*The total cost per day will include insurance and any additional services are included in the advertised rental price.