You may have Questions concerning Insurance
and we are here to put your Mind at Ease


The good news is that Everyone is Insured!

Insurance is provided to Owners and Renters through our exclusive excess and nationwide surplus carrier. Owners are provided full Liability coverage when their unit is listed.

Electronic Business Consent!

You agree that evidence of insurance will be provided electronically in accordance with the Electronic Business Consent. Any damages, lost or stolen items, or amounts owed to URentMe LLC or the Owner that are not covered by the insurance will be the responsibility of the Renter.

Exercise Caution During Potentially dangerous activities!

Boating and Jet Skiing are potentially dangerous activities. Most accidents happen due to high speed and operator inattention so please exercise caution and be attentive and always wear your life vests.

Off road rentals such as ATV's, UTV's and dirt bikes are potentially dangerous activities. Ride only on designated trails and always at a safe speed. Always wear DOT-compliant helmets and goggles, long sleeves, long pants, boots and gloves are strongly recommended.

Plan ahead and enjoy a safe and fun off road adventure!

Renters Get Full Comprehensive Coverage on Every Rental

Renters and additional Operators on our exclusive insurance policy receive a high level of liability coverage per accident of bodily injury liability coverage, property damage, and collision / physical damage coverage for the Owners Vehicle, Vessel or RV, and Trailer. All Rental Equipment is also covered during transport. If you have your own personal insurance policy covering you and/or the equipment, that policy will not provide coverage for you and/or the equipment while renting through URentMe. The coverage provided in the URentMe liability, comprehensive/collision insurance policy, for both the owner and renter, is substantially different from the insurance coverage typically provided in a personal insurance policy. You will be provided a copy of the URentMe liability insurance policy, and you acknowledge that you will review the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of that policy before entering into a transaction either as an owner or a renter.

Terms of the Insurance Policy!

Both Owner and Renter agree to and acknowledge that by posting a listing or reserving a rental you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Terms of the Insurance Policy.

Modifications to this Policy!

Please note that URentMe may at any time amend or change this policy by providing notice to you through the Service or the Site, in URentMe's discretion.


Other factors that further protect
both Owners and Renters


  • URentMe’s minimum age for a registered renter is 21 years.
  • All registered renters have completed profile information which is available to the owner.
  • Owners are advised to request a refundable security deposit from the renter as a safeguard, especially if the terms of their vehicle insurance include a deductible.
  • The Owner should complete an Acceptance document with the renter upon pick-up, which shows the condition of all items and accessories, mileage, etc...
    When the rented item is returned, its condition is checked against the Acceptance and any discrepancy highlighted.

  • If the rented vehicle is an RV, Coach-Net offers 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Tire & Wheel Protection, Asset Protection, Extended Warranty, and Paint & Fabric Protection:
  • If your rental is a boat, towing, refueling & recovery services are available from:


*The Owners cost of Insurance or additional services are normally included in the advertised rental price.