McLaren 570S

When you’re behind the wheel of the 2016 McLaren 570S, every input conveys an instant feeling of immediacy – from the directness of the steering and the suspension’s connection with pavement to the sharpness of the throttle response. The 570S uses three driving modes to manage a number of variables including power delivery and suspension damping. Optimal performance is unlocked by holding the ESC button, which switches stability control to Dynamic mode, unleashing the ability to slide the tail out and drift through corners (try this at the track, not at home, kids). Tapping into the 570S’s full spectrum of uncorked power is exhilarating and awe-inspiring (and recommend only for expert drivers), but it also reveals the core of the McLaren brand, which is focused on all corners of the high-performance driving experience, from the feel of the aluminum cockpit controls to the crystal-clear seat-of-the-pants feedback. Favorite Features CARBON-FIBER CHASSIS McLaren’s use of carbon fiber differentiates the 570S by enabling a featherweight curb weight of 3,186 pounds, which in turn helps it accelerate more quickly, stop shorter, and handle better – essentially making it a better sports car. 7-SPEED TWIN-CLUTCH TRANSMISSION The 570S’s turbocharged engine may steal the glory, but the V8’s prodigious power would be useless without control – which is exactly what this transmission delivers. Smooth and seamless yet brutally quick, the 7-speed transmission makes the engine shine without being distracting, making it the real powertrain hero.

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Availability 12/25/2018
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