There is an area of the U.S. known as the west coast. Many people love to visit the coastline that stretches from Washington to Oregon and California. For those who are planning on doing an iconic road trip along the coast, you may want to start off in Oregon, where beauty abounds and where you can enjoy the best things about being in one of the nation’s most beautiful states.

The best way to get to know this area is to rent an Oregon Coast RV rental so that you can enjoy the beauty and nature from the comfort of your vehicle. Traveling in a motorhome allows you the freedom to enjoy being close to nature and the places that you want to visit. The following 3 destinations are just a few of the must-see places to see along the Oregon coast as you road trip through the west coast:

Cannon Beach-If you want to get Instagram-worthy shots while traveling in an Oregon Coast RV rental, Cannon Beach is one place that you’ll want to visit. You can capture the beauty of the Haystack Rock and Needles, which are both iconic markings on this picturesque scene. If you want to spend some time on the beach, you’ll have plenty of space for walking, with over nine miles of sand on Cannon Beach. Whether you want to observe nature and wildlife or enjoy sunbathing on the beach or building sandcastles with the kids, Cannon Beach should definitely be on your list. If you want to capture breathtaking shots, consider watching the sun set in this beautiful destination.

Astoria-Astoria is one of the most delightful cities along the coast of Oregon. Ocean views, an iconic bridge, and an abundance of history, it’s as interesting as it is pretty. From plenty of opportunities for fishing to hanging out in this gentrified city, it’s a river town that deserves to be loved for the grit of its residents. Located just a little bit away from the ocean itself but set along the river, it’s the place for travelers who want to visit a unique destination as they travel along the coast. You will be amazed at how easy it is to have amazing views, no matter where you go in the city, due to the unique location of Astoria.

Bandon’s Beach Loop Drive-If you’re all about nature, you’ll love driving along the Beach Loop Drive. With gorgeous views and plenty of beaches to enjoy along the way, it’s the perfect destination for breaks as you travel along the coast in your URentMe. From Rock State Scenic Viewpoint to the Coquille River Lighthouse, there are plenty of unique sights and places for you to admire along the way. The great news is that there are some pretty beautiful RV parks for you to park and stay at near these iconic Bandon Beach landmarks.

In Conclusion

Oregon is a beautiful state, with mountains, ocean, rivers, and wilderness. You can visit state parks that are rich in wildlife or choose the most captivating cities to visit. There are several RV parks in the state for you to choose from, so that you can always have a safe and comfortable place to park and sleep.

The above three places can get you started on your journey but rest assured that there are many more iconic destinations to visit for your trip in an URentMe.