Riding a motorcycle has been linked to riding into the sun, going on long tours, soul searching or simply being a bad ass. There is something about riding a heavy piece of machinery while mapping the roads. URentMe gives the option of first-time motorcycle rental to enjoy and experience the sensational thrill that only motorcycles can provide. However, good experiences come only with great bikes. Here are the three most amazing bikes that everyone should try at least once.

Hyosung Aquila 125

This is definitely the bike for tall riders. It is roomy, comfortable and absolutely worth considering. A first-time motorcycle rental should be spectacular and big. Hyosung Aquila is exactly that. The 125cc engine is powerful yet manageable for beginners. Aquila 125 has a lot of qualities matching to his brother GV250. The bodywork and stylish tweaks makes it look bigger than it actually is.

Aquila is known for lightweight bikes that are easily manageable by beginners. It handles well even on the turns which come smooth and easy. The tail wind is more potent than expected. However, it keeps the ride stable and smooth.

Here are some unique features to this bike:

  • Full size Proportions
  • Lightweight
  • Great for tall riders
  • 2 bhp at Low Displacement of 125 cc

The engine in this bike is v-twin that gives it the necessary torque. Hyosung Aquila 125 is perfect for the bold rider who wants comfort and space.

KTM 690R

KTM bikes are known for their dirt bikes that are all terrain. This is an adventure bike that can give many exciting miles. It claims a power of 66 bhp with 49 pounds of torque. That is pretty impressive when you combine it with muddy trail. The seats are tall with suspension heights reduced to 250mm.

Compliant street attitude is maintained with new spring rates that work to soften each ride. Pirelli tires provide an adequate balance of road performance with dirt execution. This bike is made for adventure touring and does not disappoint in any way.

Beginners require a bike that is well balanced. There is no shortage of grunt with this powerful machine. However, it provides the stability that first time riders require. These are the various benefits of hitting the road with KTM 690R.

  • Great for bike treks
  • Goes up to 121 mph
  • Maximum 66 bhp
  • Well balanced

A major problem faced by people with motorcycle rental is motor and tire conditions. KTM 690R is one bike that comes perfect in all respects. Pirelli tires ensure a safe drive while the engine is impeccable.

American Ironhorse

A bike experience is complete only with the right bike. American Ironhorse are the go-to bikes to be seen riding around the town. These bikes are massive with superior built quality. Their stunning looks can’t be missed while on the street. Most first timers want to show off their new skills. Ironhorse makes sure that the rider gets noticed.

These definite eye candy bikes are not meant for the long haul though. They are perfect for a short cruise around town or a short ride to a sunset point. These are the reasons why people prefer American Ironhorse:

  • Killer looks
  • Heavy built body
  • Sturdy on the roads
  • Stunning Graphics

Chopper style bikes have always been in vogue for making the riders stand out. American Ironhorse is a street name among bikers. This in itself makes this a must-try first time rental for beginners.

There is always something with rental companies that fall short. However, with URentMe there is no doubt about quality vehicles. All motorcycles are thoroughly cleaned and tested before renting. All bike parts are checked to ensure that every ride is as smooth as possible.