Cleaning the RV for Summer

Between winter and summer comes spring, or as RV travel enthusiasts like to call it, RV cleaning season! Novices often question what is necessary to clean and which products to use. URentMe has compiled an RV cleaning checklist that covers the following:

  • Areas of the RV that need cleaned
  • What cleaning products to use
  • How to rid the sanitation system of winterizing chemicals

Cleaning the Interior


When cleaning the interior of an RV, always start with the bathroom. Clean toilets with commercial cleaners or, if a more natural approach is preferred, mix baking soda and lemon juice in the bowl and soak for 15 minutes before scrubbing and flushing. Use disinfectant spray to clean the outside of the bowl, and choose either glass cleaner or vinegar to erase streaks from the mirror.

Sleeping Quarters

The bedroom area tends to be the cleanest indoor area, but it still needs prepared for summer temperatures. Remove heavy blankets and replace with lighter ones and fresh sheets. Wash and store the linens in a clean, dry space until the next winter.

Eating and Cooking Areas

While the bedroom may be easy to clean, areas where food is prepared or eaten often need a total make over. Use disinfectant spray to sanitize tables and counters frequently touched by food. Use baking soda and water to give both the sink and stove a clean, polished look. Use only soapy water to clean the refrigerator and allow adequate time for it to air dry.


After cleaning the surfaces and living areas, concentrate on the floor. Use a regular broom for any hard surfaces. Pick up crumbs and dander from carpeted surfaces with a vacuum cleaner.

Wooden Finish Scratches

RVs are commonly equipped with wooden finishes. While they give the camper a classic look, they also scratch easily. To hide said scratches, mix 3/4 cups of olive oil with 1/4 cup of vinegar. Using a non-abrasive cloth, rub the mixture on any scratches to diminish their appearance.

Cleaning the Exterior

Even if an RV goes unused during the winter, it still attracts dirt. Those fond of winter RV travel also pick up salt and other de-icing chemicals. These are not only unsightly, but can ruin the RV’s paint job. Use soap, water, and a high powered pressure washer to cut through the winter time grime.

De-Winterizing the Sanitation System

In order to keep pipes from freezing, RV sanitation systems are winterized with chemicals to ward off the effects of cold weather. These must be removed during the summertime. To do so, determine how many gallons of water the sanitation system holds and multiply it times two, as flushing two full tanks is necessary clean the system. Add 1/2 cup of bleach for every gallon of water and begin to flush the mixture through the sanitation system. When finished, all winterizing chemicals will be excreted.

RV travel is a fun and fulfilling experience. However, it is just not as enjoyable if it is not done in a clean, comfortable environment. Using the above RV cleaning checklist ensures a smooth, luxurious ride, no matter the destination.