Why Should I Rent an RV for a Summer Concert?

Summer is here and along with it comes tons of outdoor activities that are ready to be enjoyed. Setting up your schedule of fun and rounding up friends is the easy part. Not so simple is the caravan of vehicles needed, packing of supplies and searching for adequate overnight accommodations. A Summer concert RV rental can end a lot of the prep work that is involved, leaving a stress-free start to that final destination.

A Home on Wheels

RVs have come a long way since the motor homes of the 70s. Back then, RVs had very few luxuries like adequate bathrooms, TVs and comfortable heating and cooling systems. However, these motor homes gave many the opportunity to see the USA and to meet like-minded people. Fast forward 40 years and you can see how RVs have evolved into a home on wheels where comfort and organization are priorities. Some of the updates include:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Showers
  • Mobile home office
  • Washers and dryers
  • Flat screen TV

Reason for the Season

RVs have given people more options in what their travel plans are. Event focused travel has become a big part of RV rentals. Everything from going to a family reunion to taking an RV to a concert are the trends of RV travel today. While an RV was once rented for a month, weekend trips are now more prominent.

Let the Party Begin

A Summer concert RV rental lets the gang get revved up in a space that is roomy and comfortable. There is no need to follow the leader in a caravan of cars, stopping for bathroom breaks or drinks. No one will get lost en-route when taking an RV to a concert and your time line will be easily met. You also don’t have to wait on that one individual that has last minute office work to finish up. Mobile offices provide the means to bring your work along.

Cost Friendly

An RV from URentMe is convenient and cost friendly. There is no comparison to renting a hotel room and dining out when it comes to the price of renting an RV to take to a concert. With some units sleeping as many as 10 guests, your cost for an extreme weekend is cut in half, or more. You also run the risk of not finding hotel accommodations if a popular group is performing. Bring along items for cooking, baking or grilling. Today’s RVs offer all the kitchen amenities of home to whip up a casserole, desserts and more.

What a Rental Includes

Selecting URentMe does not end with the RV. Units are stocked to save valuable time. These details can include:

  • Fresh sheets, blankets, pillows
  • Towels
  • Kitchen Amenities
  • Grocery stocking

Just pack your bag and get on board!

The End of the Day

Here is the best part. The anticipation and excitement of a summer concert can leave you totally drained by the end of the day. There is no searching for members of the gang, trying to find hotel rooms or running the risk of traffic jams and tired drivers. Find your campground and you are home! Everyone will know where the RV is parked and piling in to crash will be like heaven on earth.

Today’s RVs provide a safe and inexpensive way to enjoy the summer fun. Different models are available to plan your next event, whether there are a couple of people or a dozen. Get out your list of concerts that you would like to attend and set your plan into motion. Contact your friends, split the costs and see how much fun a road trip can be this summer.