Many Americans work a forty-hour work week with weekends off and an average of two to three weeks off annually for vacation and some “down” time. This does not leave much time for recreation and socializing after sleep and other necessities are added to the mix. In the world of supply and demand, a shortage of free time equals an emphasis on importance. When there is a desire to emphasize something, people often purchase recreational vehicles and other “toys” with hard-earned cash to create those great memories that last a lifetime. But are these pricey purchases worth the small amount of time they are used?

What are these “toys?”

Let’s examine some toys for grown-ups, a/k/a recreational vehicles for a moment. Here are some of the most popular:

  • RV Campers, Trailers, and Motorhomes;
  • Motorcycles, motorbikes, ATV vehicles;
  • All of kinds of boats and water vessels.

Now let’s revisit the first paragraph and think about how much expendable time there is to use these amenities even if people can afford to own them. Since the average vacation time is only 4% of the year, campers and other lodging vehicles are going to sit in a storage unit and depreciate. Perhaps a focus on weekend activities needs to be considered.

Take on some “Mini-Vacations”

Most people do get a weekend off, so what are the options there? A very popular option for making a two-day weekend enjoyable is to visit the family member’s local alma mater or the offspring’s current university’s ballgames on a Friday or Saturday evening. Better yet, make it a tailgating event by packing up supplies for a cook-out. Now, using that recreational vehicle will bump that percentage use up a point or two.

There must be a better way to use minimal time-off without going the expense of purchasing an RV.

RV Rental is the answer!

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for either purpose. There is an absolute plethora of campers, trailers, motorhomes, boats, and ATV’s available for a periodic rental for your RV rental for college football tailgating, vacations, mini-vacations, weekend fishing sojourn, or even for that visit to see the in-laws three states away (which is great for folks who wish to escape from all that family drama)!

It works both ways

The beauty in this concept is that it “works both ways” for the RV owner or the weekend sojourner. RV owners can rent out their vehicles for a few extra bucks to help with the upkeep and the vehicles are fully insured by the website company. Those who are wishing for a brief sojourn with RV rental for college football tailgating can find just what they are looking for without experiencing the expense of purchasing a vehicle. How smart and efficient is that?