San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in California. Its rolling hills and unique architecture make it a favorite among visitors. It is home to many famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. There is a lot more to San Francisco than the usual tourist areas. If you are looking for a unique view of San Francisco, rent a motorcycle from URentMe and experience all that the city has to offer.

Muir Woods

With a San Francisco motorcycle rental, visitors can escape the city and explore the nearby areas. The Muir Woods National Monument (1 Muir Woods Rd, Mill Valley, CA) is only a few miles away. This protected forest is located 12 miles north from San Francisco. The scenic drive winds riders throughout the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Muir Woods is famous for its old-growth redwood trees. There are multiple trails that take visitors for a walk into the forest.

The Dipsea and Ben Johnson trails allow hikers the chance to climb the hills for a treetop view of the park. The more ambitious explorers can get even get a glimpse of Mount Tamalpais that is located in the nearby state park. The most impressive areas are the Cathedral Grove and Bohemian Grove sections. The tallest tree is located in Bohemian Grove and stands over 260 feet tall. Muir Woods has parking available for motorcycles. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the park, but visitors can park near the Monument’s entrance.

There are some fees for Muir Woods, so visitors need to plan accordingly.

  • Parking Reservation – $8.00 per privately owned vehicle
  • Park Entrance Fee – $10.00 per adult (16 years and older)

The Palace of Fine Arts

A popular spot for visitors in San Francisco is the Palace of Fine Arts (3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA). It is located in the Marina District of the city. This massive building was originally designed for the 1915 Pan Pacific Exposition. It was constructed to hold the large art collection for the event. Once the Exposition ended, many buildings were destroyed. The Palace of Fine Arts was one of the few buildings that remained. It still stands on the original location. The Palace, walkways, and lagoon were all renovated in 2009. The area is a popular photo opportunity for many visitors and locals. It continues to host exhibitions of local artists. During the summertime, the Palace features its “Summer Series.” This event is held throughout the summer months. All events are free and family friendly. They include a movie night, a derby, an arts and crafts festival, and a carnival. There is a parking garage available for those who want to visit.

Ocean Beach

California is known for its beaches. San Francisco has one of the best-kept secrets in the state. The Ocean Beach (Point Lobos Ave, Great Highway, San Francisco, CA) is adjacent to the Sunset District, Richmond District, and Golden Gate Park. The beach is located along the Great Highway. There are other landmarks that sit on the beachfront. The former Sutro Baths and Cliff House are all located nearby. Ocean Beach is considered the best spot for surfers in the San Francisco Bay area.  While the water may look inviting, only the most experienced swimmers should enter the waves. The area is often prone to early morning fog, so it is best to visit in the afternoon. There are many things to do at the beach. Some people just bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the cool Pacific air. Visitors often notice that the sand of the beach is black. This is due to the magnetite that washes up on the shore. Across the Great Highway, there is a paved path.

It is a great spot for those who want to get out and take a walk. The beach is located near several neighborhoods. Some visitors will grab a lunch or dinner before heading off to the beach for some relaxation. There are free parking lots in the northern and southern ends of Ocean Beach.  By reserving a San Francisco motorcycle rental, you can see a different view of the city. The area has so many places for visitors to set out and explore. From beaches to historic buildings, the city has some of the best areas in the state of California.