Tips to Take Greate URentMe Motorcycle Photos

URentMe allows you to get paid to let others play with your toys when they are not in use. One of the popular toys for rent are motorcycles.

Taking good photos are important when renting your bike. There are some steps you can take to get the best photos, even with basic equipment.

Preparing Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle rental photos are different from a professional photo shoot but you still should have a clean bike. It’s OK for normal wear and tear to show but the bike should be free of grease, mud and debris. Make sure you allow the bike to cool first. Cool water hitting a hot engine can cause big problems.

Use a degreaser to remove excess grease from your chain. Then use a small brush, maybe even an old toothbrush, to clean hard to reach smaller areas around the engine. Then move to the non-chrome areas of the body. Use the same method as washing your hair. Rinse, wash with detergent and then rinse again.

You may also want to detain your bike with vinyl protectant, bug and tar remover, wax and chrome polish. Even if you weren’t planning to rent your bike, cleaning it periodically is good maintenance.

Finding the Right Location

This could differ greatly depending on your location. Finding a great background for your motorcycle listing photos shouldn’t be too difficult.

Here are some great possibilities for your background:

  • Abandoned buildings or old barns
  • City landscapes
  • Unique geographic features
  • Interesting foliage
  • Trails

The background should be interesting. Just make sure it complements your bike and doesn’t distract from it.

Taking the Photos

Now that you have cleaned your bike and chosen the right location, it’s time to take some photos. You don’t have to be a pro to get some great motorcycle rental photos. Some necessary considerations when taking the photos are light, angle and orientation.


The best time for photos are when the sun is low in the sky, just after dawn and or before dusk. This time of day provides a golden hue that is well known among photographers. You need the sun behind you to avoid the photo from getting washed out.

Avoid allowing distracting shadows from falling across your bike. That’s true whether you take a shot at sunset or the middle of the day.


While it may seem obvious to take photos from the side and even with the height of your bike. While that is a good way to get complete views for your motorcycle listing photos, it’s not a bad idea to experiment a bit.

Take some photos while standing over the bike, or even some from ground level looking up. Get in close to accentuate details of your motorcycle.


A landscape portrait from the side is a default orientation for photographing your bike. You are not limited to this. Try at least one or two horizontal photos from the front.

Choosing Equipment

You don’t need any special equipment to take motorcycle listing photos. The camera on smart phones are plenty capable for this job. You might want to find a tripod to use, especially if you do not have a steady hand.

Editing the Photos

Today’s photo editing software comes with all sorts of bells and whistles. Be careful with filters and excessive editing. You want to rent a bike, not create a museum exhibit. The focus should be on your motorcycle.

Crop it and size it appropriately. Adjust the lighting to get it just right but don’t overdo it.

Make sure you take plenty of photos, more than you think you will need. Then you can choose the best to display at the URentMe website.