Creating RV Listing Photos that Sell

Whether it’s to make some money, downsize or simply get a little cash to put towards other activities, renting your RV comes with many benefits. However, to receive those benefits, one must ensure that they actually get people interested in renting your RV!  There are usually a large number of RVs for rent at any given time, which means that an enticing ad will be necessary to attract a renter. Before a renter lists an ad on URentMe, it’s recommended that they take some time to learn about what individuals are looking for.

Detailed Information: The Key to Attracting a Potential Renter

RVs can be pretty complicated. They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes, each designed for a different purpose. People use RVs for everything from weekend travel to full-time living, and every renter has their own individual preferences and needs. The more information provided in an ad, the more likely it is that a potential renter will notice.

One important aspect of creating a listing is pictures. Human beings tend to need visuals to hold their attention. This is especially true when it comes to something like browsing the listings in search of a new RV. Even if an ad has every feature listed out in an organized fashion, it isn’t likely to get much attention without photographs.

Taking Excellent RV Listing Photos: What to Focus On

  1. Include the Interior

One huge mistake made by many owners who list their RVs is only posting pictures of the outside. While the design and features on the exterior of an RV are important, it’s the interior living space that most renters are concerned with.

It’s smart to photograph all areas of the interior space, including the bathroom, master bedroom, bunks, living room, kitchen and storage areas using a variety of angles. Capturing close images of details and wider pictures of the entire space will give a renter a good impression of the overall interior. Sellers should ask themselves what they would like to see if they were the potential renter. Thinking outside the box and considering what a renter with different goals for the RV might want to see is wise as well.

It’s also a good idea to get pictures of the interior during daylight hours with the windows open so the renter can see how much natural light the RV gets.

  1. Show Off the Exterior

Once every aspect of the RV’s interior design has been captured on film, it’s time to focus on the exterior. This is the first thing a potential renter will see when looking at the ad, so it shouldn’t be ignored either.

Early morning and late afternoon are best for taking exterior photos of an RV. If possible, it’s best to move the RV to an area with trees or a nice park as an attractive backdrop. People who are browsing RVs are imagining what it would be like if they owned the vehicle. Seeing it in a nice location creates happier feelings than seeing it sitting in a storage lot.

  1. Take Time to Figure it Out

If a person is inexperienced with photography, it might take a few minutes of playing around to figure out the best shots. It’s better to spend a day or two taking practice photographs and seeing how they look on a computer screen versus rushing through the process and ending up with poor photos that won’t sell the RV.

At the end of the day, selling an RV is just like anything else. It can take a little while, but waiting for the right renter is always ideal. It’s better to find someone who truly wants this particular RV than someone who seems unsure about choosing it.  If you offer exactly what a renter is looking for, they’ll usually be willing to go with it for the price. With a detailed ad with plenty of great pictures, finding someone to rent your vehicle will likely happen sooner rather than later.

For more information on renting your RV with URentMe, please contact us today. We offer a place to post RV listing photos, connecting individuals with you and making the rental process easier and more fun for everyone.