The call of the open road might only be drowned out by the call of one thing louder – the call of an empty stomach. Nothing beats a fresh-made meal cooked in the open air. URentMe has compiled a list of tasty tips for grilling on an RV roadtrip. Try them out on your next trip.

Eat Local

No matter where your journey leads, it’s almost certain to cross paths with a farmer’s market. Pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for the next meal. Turn it into a game to see what can be made from produce specific to the region.

For example, on a trip through Florida, pick up fresh oranges, key limes, and datil peppers. The citrus and peppers can be chopped into a sweet and spicy marinade that goes great on most proteins. The best part is clean up’s a breeze. All those fruit peels and pepper tops can go straight into a composter.

Think Hand Held

Speaking of clean up, during a vacation, it should be avoided at all costs. To save on washing up, grill only those foods that can be held in one hand, leaving room for a cold drink in the other. This way only the grilling tools will need a quick wipe down before returning to the open road.

Kabobs are great for this. Layer in meats, vegetables, and more meat for a well-balanced roadtrip diet. Here’s a list of other easily grilled hand-held foods:

  • Chicken Legs
  • Pork or Beef Ribs
  • Lamb Chops
  • Hamburgers
  • Corn on the Cob

Foil at its Finest

For quick meals on the grill, think back to childhood classics. Toasted sandwiches like grilled cheese or quesadillas taste great off the grill. Just pull out the griller’s best friend, aluminum foil, and fold together a quick square to serve as a griddle.

The foil trick can also be used to protect delicate meats such as fish from the direct heat of an open grill. Simply tear off a piece of foil double the size you want and fold it in half. For extra stability, fold up the edges about half an inch to create a ridge to hold the food in place.

The Most Important Meal

Grills aren’t just for preparing dinner. Step out of the RV and greet the sun with a bright-eyed breakfast prepared hot and fresh on the grill. Even eggs can be prepared by the master griller. Try cracking them into a metal muffin tin for sunny side up. Or, for omelets, fold up another foil pan (being sure to pinch those corners tight) and add in fresh vegetables and cheese.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Two words: grilled fruit. Nothing brings out the sweet and tang of delicious fresh fruit like a grill. Pineapples, peaches, apples, pears all taste amazing after a few minutes on a grill. Keep the peel on and grill over moderate heat. Once a lovely brown caramel color has been achieved it’s time for dessert. Eat the fruit fresh from the fire or chop it into a topping for ice cream or pancakes (also made on an aluminum foil pan).

Grilling on an RV roadtrip means the opportunities for great food are endless. Do not be afraid to experiment with different recipes and ingredients. A vacation is an adventure and that doesn’t have to stop at mealtime. The folks at URentMe want you to have a fabulous time on your next roadtrip.