RVing full time doesn’t have to wait until you retire if you can find the right work. In fact, you don’t have to have a full time telecommuting job to be a happy nomad. Some ingenuity and flexibility are all that is required!

Full-Time Gigs While on an RV Roadtrip

Working on the road while RVing often requires a computer, either to actually do the work or to find a new seasonal job once you arrive at your desired location. Plenty of full time gigs and side hustles can be done via telecommuting.

Any job you can do from your home can be done from an RV, unless your business requires a large inventory of products or direct and regular contact with employees or co-workers.

Part-Time Jobs While on an RV Roadtrip

Part time gigs abound for those interested in working on the road while RVing. Are you artistic? Hand-made crafts, sold at flea markets and summer festivals, are a great way to keep your creative juices flowing and create income.

Workamping on the campsite or in a park is a great way to enjoy a free or reduced parking spot. This can be anything from heavy work like trail building to helping out in the office. Retirees who spent their working lives managing aspects of a business might enjoy the chance to reduce their campsite fees!

How far are you planning to travel? If your RV trips will criss-cross the country, consider using your ride to haul fragile goods or even automobiles across the country. Of course, your towing capacity and hauling space will need to be assessed to take on one of these money-making tasks.

Seasonal Work In Place

Fans of national parks (and the great outdoors in general) may have great luck finding a job out of their RV. Large tourist destinations such as Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon are always looking for help, so why not support your nomadic life by helping others connect with nature?

Many of the jobs posted for seasonal workers include housing via payroll deduction, but if you own your RV this lodging stipend can go back in your pocket.

Seasonal Work On The Road

Another option for seasonal work includes harvest labor. Be aware that this can be quite lucrative (for example, the sugar beet harvest in Montana and North Dakota) but be prepared for some heavy duty lifting and labor.

Don’t Forget Passive Income

If you own your house or are close to paying it off and really want to get on the road, options such as renting or leasing to purchase your home may help you on your RV path. Unless you are in real estate, get some help from qualified professionals so that you can both create a passive income and protect your assets before getting on the road.

Test Drive Your Plan!

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